Pampered Paws Grooming Salon

Celebrating 25 years in business!!

What is included?

Our Groomers provide an all inclusive professional experience!


The following services are included


  • Shampoo ...We have several to choose from including all natural basic aloe, medicated, hypo-allergenic or coat release types of shampoos
  • Creme Rinse... We have a selection of conditioners including remoisturizer, scented, conditioning, detangle and coat release.
  • Blow Dry...we have the best equipment to hand dry your pet
  • Ears We clean the inside of the ears & pluck the hair in breeds that need it. Talk to us about how often this should be done. If there is any health problem, we will refer you to your vet for this procedure.
  • Anal glands... BY REQUEST. Yes, we can express the anal glands in the bath tub if you need this done at no charge. For those of you that don't know what this is, you are lucky... it's kind of like skunk odor on your carpet.  If your pet has issues with this, we would refer you to your vet. We do it externally. Vets express them internally.
  • Toe nail trims... Every pet gets a toe nail trim...included! Grinding the nails is an option too.
  • Haircut or "Trimming"... We trim the pet to your satisfaction while being true to the breed standard if at all possible. We do everything from "maintenance baths" to a "full body shave"and all in between on any breed of dog and cats too.We can show you examples, if you are unsure what your pets need. If you are a new client, a consultation may be helpful to address all of your needs. We will recommend a program of care. Most pets come in on a schedule, every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, and get a discount. 
  • Furminator  (Shedless, as we like to call it). We provide this for any dog who has an undercoat and sheds.  Beagles and pugs are just a few of the breeds who need the undercoat addressed.  This helps to prevent excess shedding in your home. We also have speciaized  shampoos & conditioners to effectively control excess hair. 
  •  Remember, consultations and advice are FREE !






It is very difficult to quote a grooming price without seeing a pet. We usually compare
a pet similar to yours to give you an example. We may have ten little poodles, but 
they range in size and the coats could be very different too.

Your preference of  haircuts may vary with your individual needs.

We can always give you a base price of where "it starts". 

Look at the FAQS Page for approximate prices.

Call us to get more information. We can discuss your needs and make your first appointment.

Let us know if you are on a limited income. We can make recommendations on how to 
keep the cost under control.