Pampered Paws Grooming Salon

Celebrating over 20 years in business!!

About Us

The history of our salon

Hello, I am Cheryl Wyrick, the owner and manager of Pampered Paws Grooming  Salon Inc.

I am proud to say 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of our little business. Through many trials and lessons we have survived and going strong. We love the waldo community and the people who trust us with their furry friends! 

In my youth I wanted to be a veterinarian, as many children do,but that didn't happen. I  worked at an 
animal hospital at the age of sixteen. Even then I felt a strong desire to care for pets.
As a young adult, I worked at the Humane Society  of Greater KC with the neglected and homeless 
pets. After seven years there, I needed to get away from the abuse. I wanted  to care for healthy, pampered pets.
In 1989, I became a dog and cat groomer with a Vet here in Waldo. In 1998 our grooming staff was 
getting large enough to branch off into my own business so "Pampered Paws Grooming" was 
created. I named it after my old dog "PAWS" a hound mix that I raised with my daughter.

* See photo below.

In 2003 we moved into 7238 Wornall. We were there for 9 years and it served us well.

2013 was a time for change, and we moved to 7719 Wornall. This space is more of a "destination". 
We were able to rehab the building and give it character. We have private parking, and a big yard in 
the back for the dogs who stay with us. It feels like more of a spa now. We know you will love it too. 
We have a wonderful loving, caring, patient team to care for your pets. We take pride in our work and continue our 
education every year at conventions.

I hope this helps you understand the history of our little business. It continues to grow because of
you, our wonderful clients.  You give us the honor of taking care of your cherished family pets

This is Hiway .
He was my dog.
He was our mascot for many years  

He passed away on May 22nd. 2010. 

He will be in our hearts forever



This is an old photograph of Cheryl,

 with her big dog "PAWS",

"Anschell"  a  pomeranian, &  

 "Cameo" the cat.

This was taken in 1989 at

Hecker Animal Clinic by Graham Porter.