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Frequently Asked  Questions

This page will answer many questions

you might have about grooming

& our policies.

Please contact us for further details.



We are currently NOT accepting  new dogs over about 30 lbs.

  • Do the vaccinations need to be current?    Yes. Rabies for adult dogs every 3 years. Two sets of DHPP for puppies. Cats should have a rabies every 3 to 4 years.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?    Yes. It is impossible to be able to get in the same day, most are a couple weeks in advance, especially around holidays. Pre book to assure you have a date on the books.
  • Does my pet stay all day?     NO! We would prefer to call you as soon as the pet is done, as little as a few hours. We understand if you have to work. Maybe try to schedule on a day you're available to pick up in a timely manner. Most dogs know when they're finished and are excited to go home and show off.
  • Are there special shampoos for pets with allergies & fleas, and do they cost more?   Yes, we have several to choose from depending on the issue. Flea shampoo is $5.00 more, the others are normally included. 
  • What do you suggest to control fleas after the grooming?   We trust Advantage type products. The seresto collar also works for many pets with short hair. Pets should be protected in all the warm months.
  • Creative grooming? Yes, we can do creative grooming with or without color if you plan ahead and come in on a regular basis. 
  • Is the Dye dangerous?   No, the dye is not dangerous to the pet. We can do a test patch in advance if the pet has never been dyed before.
  • Do I need to brush my dog at home? YES Especially if its a high maintenance breed like doodle, or maltese. The better condition the coat, the longer the cut we can do. Set up a schedule for brushing, just like you do for grooming. 
  • What is a Puppy Cut?  Everyone calls the "short- all- over style" a puppy cut. Please be more specific when telling the groomer what you would like. Google the breed and find a picture that best shows what you want your pet to look like. 
  • Do you sedate? No. We do not have a vet on staff. If your pet needs something to make them relax, please ask your vet to give you something for the grooming process. Sometimes Benedryl will work just fine for the nervous ones. Always ask you vet first.
  • Can I stay and watch? Under normal circumstances it is not a good idea to stay. Just like a child in school, it would be a distraction. There are a few situations where we will allow the owner to sit in our lobby to wait for us to groom the pet. If we need to groom a pet straight through, there may be an extra charge. Normally we give them a break between the pre-trim, bath and finishing groom.
  • Do you groom special needs dogs? Yes. We work with rescues, and even have some in our facility for adoption, so we have experience with dogs with special needs. Make sure you tell us the situation so we can handle it in a way that works best for you and your pet.