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New Client Information


Thank you for joining our group of wonderful clientele of pet owners who take exceptional care of the furry friends in their lives. We are excited to meet you and your pet, and would like to let you know a couple things. 

First, we are lucky to have amazing clientele who take great care of their pets.  We have grown so much since coming back from quarantine, so last minute appointments are just not possible at this time.

Second, Most clients book ahead of time, and that is the best way to not be left behind. We never do same day appointments. Normally we are booked a few weeks out. We do have a list of people waiting for a cancellation.  We will send you a reminder for your appointment at least 48 hours before hand.

Due to a recent increase in last minute cancelations, if you do not let us know at least 48 hours in advance, a $20 cancelation fee may be added to your next bill.  We understand emergencies happen, but communication is key. We have reserved the time for your pet to have our attention, and with proper notice, we are happy to reschedule. However, if you cancel the night before or first thing in the morning, we may not be able to fill that space.

Third, we love building relationships with your pets, and pre-booking your next appointment at checkout is the best way to keep your pet well cared for. This is especially important for anxious dogs or new puppies.

We are excited to meet a new friend, furry and humans alike!


We can add new clients with tiny dogs, but our books are at capacity for anything over 30lbs.

We have several groomers we can suggest. . .

Atomic Dog  816-286-5447

Collar Club 816-832-2658

Animal Medical Center 816-333-9000

Kennedys Animal Clinic 816-358-0991

Adriene at

Please complete this form and email it to us at or print and bring it in.  You must have cookies enabled to see the form below, as well as Google Docs.  Please select the link below if the form is not present.


New Client Form

New Client Form