s 8am to 5pm
 thru Friday
8am to 6pm
Most Saturdays 8am to 12pm

We take appointments as early as 7:30am & as late as 3pm.

Give us a call to discuss your needs.  

"Walk -in" Toe nail trims for $10 cash.

No Credit or Debit Cards!

Our Mission statement

We strive to provide the highest quality professional
grooming possible  according to breed standards
and / or to the specifications of the owner,
along with providing a positive experience
for the pet with the least amount of stress possible.
We believe grooming should be a routine,
yet  exciting part of your pets life.

Welcome to our site!

We are a Professional Grooming Salon.

We groom
ALL Breeds & sizes of DOGS & CATS,
along with some rabbits & guinea pigs

Some advantages of our salon...

Appointment times are very flexible.

Our Grooming Facility has been in Waldo since 1989

Pets do not have to stay "all day" for grooming.
We offer EXPRESS Grooming,
when we call you as soon as your pet is done.

All Natural Shampoos & Conditioners
No chemicals!!!

We NOW offer
"Special Care" Small Dog BOARDING
at our salon
We only keep five pets at a time
so we can take excellent care of your pets

Some Criteria:
must be neutered, get along with others,
not bark excessively and be under about 30 lbs.

They will be cared for almost as good as at home.
Price includes day care, play time ,
unlimited trips outside
in our huge fenced yard out back,
and all the TLC they can handle!
Pampering Pets in Waldo since 1989
Groomers Give Back to those in need !!!

We  give all rescues a 50% discount if the dog ( or cat)
is not at risk for euthanasia ( in a foster home or no-kill shelter).
We provide the service FREE if the pet is at a shelter
and have a real chance of euthanasia if not adopted!
We currently have four professional groomers besides Cheryl.
Cheryl is the cat groomer, our manager and founder.

Please, when deciding to add a pet to your household,
please look at the shelters and rescues first,
you may find the perfect
pet just waiting for you.
This is STAR our salon cat. She lives here and
guards the place at night. She loves to meet
new people. No one is a stranger to her!
In 2013 we  moved to 7719 Wornall.
Our new building is right up the street from our old address.
Across the street from O'Reilly & City Thrift.
We now have our own parking in front & on the side too.
We also have a big back yard for the dogs to potty and play in.

We have some really good news!
We now have our 501C3 for our pomeranian rescue.
We also have our USDA (MO) license.
We always have poms that need homes.
Please spread the  word !
Please ADOPT, don't shop when adding to your family.